Press Releases

Showing: October, 2000

Warnings about the pitfalls of corporate control of farming that previously fell on uninterested ears may soon be taken seriously, according to one state Senator.

Senator Paul Muegge, D-Tonkawa, expects the controversy will gain momentum and have a snowball effect with the recent findings that farmers planted a variety of Aventis' StarLink bioengineered corn that was not approved for human consumption. More than 1,300 acres of StarLink seeds were planted in Oklahoma fields this year.

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Having been selected to sculpt the statue that will top the new State Capitol Dome, Five Tribes Master Artist Enoch Kelly Haney has now met with architects and engineers to finalize the dimensions of the sculpture.

"Obviously, there are the artistic, esthetic considerations involved, as well as the engineering and architectural demands regarding height and weight," noted Senator Haney.

Haney said it has been determined that the bronze sculpture will be 17 feet high, and weigh approximately 4 to 4 ½ tons.

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Statement by Senator Angela Monson

"I appreciate the Attorney General's hard work on this important issue and his speedy response to my request. I'm very pleased that the opinion affirmed the Senate's stance on this issue."

"The opinion confirms that the Governor did not have the authority to create a new cabinet office and circumvent the Senate's advise and consent process. It also confirms that Mr. Perry does not hold a
cabinet office because his nomination was properly rejected."

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A Senate leader is offering some remedial education to one of Governor Keating's education appointees, reminding him that the Governor has been less than supportive of the Legislature's efforts to improve school funding and protect education revenue sources.

Senator Cal Hobson was responding to remarks made by Luke Corbett at a State Board of Education meeting Tuesday. Corbett, a board member appointed by Governor Keating, complained that Legislature had not appropriated enough money for school needs, but failed to mention the Governor's role in the process.

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Senator Paul Muegge, D-Tonkawa, is again urging Oklahoma officials to take a closer look at the second of recent agreements on hog farms and the environment reached by government and industry officials in North Carolina.

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Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor,
Senate President Pro Tempore

"I agree that this is a critical issue, but I'm just not sure that a special session is the best way to address it. I'm certainly willing to discuss the matter, but I think it's important to examine every possible alternative before we commit to a special session. If we can address the problems caused by the drought and the wildfires without spending tax money on a special session, I think that would be a more prudent course of action."

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