Floor Agenda

1st Regular Session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature


Senate Floor Agenda

Thursday, May 27, 2021



Conference Committee Report

  1. SB1033 By Leewright of the Senate and Fetgatter of the House

Medical marijuana; construing provision of retail marijuana establishments; Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act; grandfathering certain licensed location; allowing license transfer under certain conditions. Emergency.


  1. HB2674 By Marti et al of the House and Howard et al of the Senate

Tobacco, nicotine and vapor products; purchase by minors; scope of certain crimes and penalties to include nicotine products; prohibitions pertaining to nicotine products; emergency.


  1. HB2779 By Pfeiffer of the House and Leewright of the Senate

Rural electric cooperative easements; defining terms; providing for use of certain easements for broadband service; effective date.

General Order

  1. HB2964 By McCall et al of the House and Treat of the Senate

Excise tax; taxation on the sale of motor vehicles; trailers and semitrailers; excise tax payment in lieu of sales and use tax; effective date.