Press Releases

Showing: October, 2004

The Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) is honoring two state lawmakers for their efforts to ensure all Oklahoma women have access to breast and cervical cancer treatment. State Sen. Debbe Leftwich, D-OKC, and Rep. Danny Hilliard, D-Sulphur, were authors of House Bill 2552 and will each receive the 2004 Friend of Nursing Award.
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State Senator Jeff Rabon today called on Oklahomans for Lawsuit Reform founders John Brock and Mike Cantrell to follow the lead of the Republican leader of the Texas House of Representatives and return all corporate contributions to its organization.
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The Task Force for the Promotion of Children’s Health has released its recommendations for the establishment of Healthy and Fit School Advisory Councils in Oklahoma schools. The list of recommendations includes suggestions about physical education and physical activity, nutritional education and services, as well as health education and health services.

Senate Bill 1627, also known as the Healthy and Fit Kids Act of 2004, authored by Sen. Bernest Cain and Rep. Darrell Gilbert, requires the establishment of the advisory councils in every school.
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Student Health Facts

Roughly one-third of Oklahoma respondents described themselves as slightly or very overweight (25.3% of males & 36.6% of females).

14.2% of Oklahoma high-school age adolescents are at risk of becoming overweight (12.5% for males & 16% for females). National average is 15.4%.

11.1% of Oklahoma students are currently overweight (15.9% of males & 6.1 of females). National average is 13.5%.

64.3% of Oklahoma adolescents participate in vigorous physical activity compared to 62.6% nationally.

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