Press Releases

Showing: October, 1996

The latest revenue report from the Office of State Finance is further evidence that Oklahoma's economy is growing and state economic policies are working, according to a Senate budget leader.

"Just when it seems like we've peaked, our economic numbers get better," said Senator Kelly Haney, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. "The latest numbers indicate that we're doing a lot of things right on the economic development front."

Senator Haney was referring to the September revenue collection report issued by the Office of State Finance today.

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Saying he opposed giving Governor Keating a state plane because he feared the Governor would abuse the privilege, a state legislator is expressing disappointment about revelations that Keating has billed the taxpayers for flight expenses stemming from travel to and from partisan political events.

"I hate to say 'I told you so,' but these are the same concerns I raised when Governor Keating started trying to finagle his own airplane," said Senator Kevin Easley, who as a member of the legislative bond oversight commission refused to vote for the Governor's plane deal.

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