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Sen. Monson Applauds Attorney General's Opinion

Statement by Senator Angela Monson

"I appreciate the Attorney General's hard work on this important issue and his speedy response to my request. I'm very pleased that the opinion affirmed the Senate's stance on this issue."

"The opinion confirms that the Governor did not have the authority to create a new cabinet office and circumvent the Senate's advise and consent process. It also confirms that Mr. Perry does not hold a
cabinet office because his nomination was properly rejected."

"The opinion upholds the relationship of checks and balances between the Legislative and Executive Branches, and affirms the rule of law regarding the Senate's advise and consent authority."

"Although this opinion certainly affects Mr. Perry's position, my request was not designed to address a single person or position. It was aimed at a much larger question regarding the Senate's advise and consent powers and whether a Governor could circumvent them."

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