Press Releases

Showing: January, 1999

Cutting government waste and eliminating bureaucratic red tape will be just two of the goals of a new joint oversight committee created by legislative leaders today.

House Speaker Loyd Benson and Senate President Pro Tempore Stratton Taylor announced the creation of the Joint Committee on Accountability in Government, saying the new panel would serve as a watchdog over the state's hundreds of agencies, boards and commissions.

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County officials who voted themselves major pay hikes will have to return the money if a Tulsa area legislator gets his way. State Senator Kevin Easley formally filed legislation today which would rescind the pay raise granted to county officials in Tulsa and Oklahoma County.

"Clearly, some county officers took advantage of the situation and handed themselves exorbitant pay raises. I think we need to go back to square one and do something that's more in keeping with the public's wishes," said Senator Easley.

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