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The governor has signed legislation into law to protect the confidentiality of undercover law officers. Senate Bill 679 was authored by Sen. Darrell Weaver, R-Moore, and Rep. Chris Kannady, R-Oklahoma City.
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Sen. Weaver explains SB 679 will protect undercover officers.

The Senate gave final unanimous approval Monday to Senate Bill 446 to better prepare teachers and other school employees to deal with the mental health needs of Oklahoma students. Sen. John Haste, R-Broken Arrow, and Rep. Sheila Dills, R-Tulsa, authored the legislation requiring the State Department of Education and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, in consultation with school superintendents and school boards, to develop educator training and resources on student mental health.
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Pro Tem Treat's Week 13 preview

As part of ongoing criminal justice reform, the Senate approved legislation Thursday to reduce incarceration rates of repeat nonviolent offenders. House Bill 2009, authored by Sen. Bill Coleman, R-Ponca City, and Rep. Garry Mize, R-Guthrie, will reduce the sentences of repeat nonviolent offenders with no history of violent or sexual offenses.
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Sen. Coleman presents HB 2009 on the Senate Floor Thursday morning.
Senate Pro Tem Treat's Weekly Q & A (Week 12)
Senate Democratic Leader Floyd on 12th week

Gov. Kevin Stitt has given his approval to legislation ensuring citizens can get emergency refills on life-saving prescriptions. Sen. Carri Hicks, D-Oklahoma City, is the principal author of Senate Bill 1019. The House principal author is Rep. T.J. Marti, R-Broken Arrow.

Hicks said the legislation sets out the guidelines for pharmacists to prescribe emergency refills of specific kinds of medication if the patient’s doctor cannot be reached after a prescription has expired.

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Sen Hicks explains SB 1019 could save lives by allowing emergency Rx refills
Pro Tem Treat's 12 Week Preview

The Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday advanced a measure to modernize the Oklahoma Supreme Court district boundaries in order to increase the pool of qualified applicants eligible to fill judicial vacancies in the future.
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The full Senate has given unanimous approval in the Senate for legislation exempting the American Legion from state sales taxes on goods and services. House Bill 1003, by Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Thompson and House Majority Leader Mike Sanders, was approved by the full Senate on Wednesday.
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