Showing: March, 2007
End of Week Q & A with Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee
Press conference with Pres. Pro Tem Morgan, Co-Pres. Pro Tem Coffee and Speaker Cargill.
Rep. leadership members Sens. Owen Laughlin and Mike Johnson discuss budget at Q & A.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has given approval to a measure to ensure the statute of limitations on “accessory” crimes is the same as in the substantive crime in a particular case. Sen. Charles Wyrick, D-Fairland, is Senate author of House Bill 1285. Wyrick explained the bill came as the result of the murder of a baby in his district.
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Sen. Wyrick explains bill on statutes of limitation, HB 1285.

The leaders of the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives announced that legislators have reached a historic, bipartisan agreement on a wide range of budget and tax issues.

The accord includes supplemental funding for education and the Department of Corrections, a package of tax cuts, and a general appropriations bill to fund state agencies in FY 2008.

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Speaker Cargill, President Pro Tem Morgan and Co-President Pro Tem Coffee on budget agreement.

The state Senate on Monday honored the efforts of the Oklahoma Heritage Association, and declared June 16 and 17, 2007, as “Oklahoma Celtic Music and Heritage Festival Weekend” in Stillwater.

Sen. Mike Morgan welcomed the group, which included bagpipers and flag-bearers displaying the flags of Celtic nations, to the Senate Chamber. Morgan authored Senate Concurrent Resolution 20 to commend the efforts of the Association to celebrate the Oklahoma Centennial with an exploration of Celtic art and history.

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SCR 20 ceremony on Senate floor.

The Oklahoma State Senate welcomed Miss Oklahoma 2006 Lindsey Miller and Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson to the floor of the Senate Monday.

Senate Resolution 18, authored by Sens. Brian Crain and James A. Williamson, was presented to the new Miss Oklahoma Lindsey Miller commending her for her many talents.
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Presentation of SR 18 & 19.
Q&A with President Pro Tem Mike Morgan
Q&A with Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee

The full Senate has approved a measure to set a graduation goal of 100 percent for Oklahoma high school students. Senate Bill 985, by Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson, would also establish guidelines to give a more accurate picture of graduation rates that will enable an “apples to apples” comparison with other states.
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Sen. Wilcoxson says SB 985 sets 100 percent goal, clarifies graduation rates.