Showing: December, 2008
Legislation Named in Memory of Senator's Father, read more.
Sen. Corn discusses his measure to pay a final tribute to veterans.

State Sen. Jim Reynolds and Rep. Gary Banz announced they will donate an American flag that flew over the USS Oklahoma National Memorial to the Norman Veterans Center. The lawmakers will also present the staff with a citation thanking them for their dedication to caring for Oklahoma veterans. The lawmakers will make their presentation on Friday, December 19 at 10:00 a.m. at the Veterans Center. Reynolds said his first-hand experience with the staff prompted the tribute.
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Sen. Reynolds said he and Rep. Banz will present flag to Norman Veterans Center to say thank you.
Author Wants State to Use More Tried and True Construction Methods

The weak economy is negatively impacting many industries including construction. Due to the economic slowdown, many commercial construction projects are getting put on hold across the state. State Sen. Harry Coates says that construction professionals are seeing even more of their job opportunities go to out-of-state entities because of an unfair state law. read more.

Sen. Coates discusses why the Design-Build Method needs to be removed from the Public Building Construction and Planning Act.

State Sen. Sean Burrage has been named as one of only 24 elected public officials to be selected for the Aspen Institute’s Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership 2008 Class of Fellows. Each of the members of the class was selected based on their reputation for intellect, thoughtfulness, and a bipartisan approach to governing. The class is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats and represents Fellows from 22 states, serving both local and state levels of government. Burrage is the only elected official from Oklahoma chosen for the 2008 class.

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Sen. Burrage discusses Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership.