Showing: April, 2009
Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee's Weekly Q & A with Capitol Press (Week 13)
Republicans Following-Through on Promises that Produced Majority

Noting that Republicans have held the majority in the State Senate for fifty legislative days of the 101-year history of the state of Oklahoma, Senate Republicans marked the occasion with a news conference to shine light on their many accomplishments in a very short time.

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Senate Republican Caucus on first 50 legislative days and agenda.
Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee's Weekly Q & A with Capitol Press (Week 12)

Local veterans and supporters came to the State Capitol on Wednesday to voice their criticism of a recently released report issued by the Department of Homeland Security. The report, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence on Radicalization and Recruitment,” suggested those who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as individuals who opposed abortion and supported Second Amendment gun rights were a potential threat to national security.
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Sen. Russell says report is insulting to vets, criticizes political profiling.

The State Senate has given its approval to a measure allowing voters to decide whether all official business of the state should be conducted in English. The Senate voted on Wednesday evening to approve House Joint Resolution 1042, authored by Senator Anthony Sykes. Sykes said a compromise was worked out earlier in the day prior to the vote.
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Sen. Sykes on HJR 1042.

A bond authorization bill that could result in the creation of more than 9,000 jobs is now on its way to Governor Brad Henry for consideration. Senator Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, is principal author of Senate Bill 239, which will authorize bonds needed to make safety improvements to Zink Dam, as well as create low-water dams in Sand Springs and the Jenks/South Tulsa areas.
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Bill to develop Arkansas River Corridor heads to Governor.

Responding to a report of the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) characterizing returning veterans and others who uphold traditional American values as “right wing extremists” and a threat to American security, Senator Steve Russell R-OKC will offer a resolution calling DHS and the Administration to account.

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Sen. Russell outraged by Homeland Security Report.

Each day, millions of children around the world contract serious infections and diseases because they have no shoes. To help raise awareness of the problem, State Sen. Andrew Rice authored Senate Resolution 43 Thursday declaring April 16, 2009 as "One Day Without Shoes" in the state and asking Senate members and staff to participate in the world-wide event.
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University of Tulsa student Lauren Santore talks about the charity ran by TOMS Shoes and the One Day Without Shoes campaign.
Senate Pro Tem Glenn Coffee's Weekly Q & A with Capitol Reporters (Week 10)

Hundreds of Oklahomans gathered on the south steps of the state Capitol as part of the Tax Day Tea Parties that took place across the nation on Wednesday. The events were in demonstration against high taxes and Congress’ continued excessive spending in recent months.

Sen. Dan Newberry attended the rally and said he was proud to see so many Oklahomans taking time out of their day to send Congress an important message.
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Sen. Newberry discusses participating in the Oklahoma Tea Party.