Showing: December, 2005

State Senator Jeff Rabon urged the Oklahoma Attorney General on Wednesday to coordinate a statewide investigation into the “hijacking of democracy” by out-of-interests seeking a statewide vote on TABOR.

Rabon pointed to the arrest last week of a teenage TABOR petition circulator who was in alleged violation of his parole from Massachusetts and two incidents in Tulsa Tuesday where petition circulators attempted to gather signatures inside polling places on Election Day. One of the TABOR supporters was a precinct worker who was relieved of her duties.
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Sen. Rabon talks about TABOR supporters' signature gathering practice.

(State Capitol, Oklahoma City) The Chairman of the Senate Republican Rural Caucus said his group would fight any effort by urban legislators Democrats or Republicans to forcibly consolidate rural public school districts.

The members of the Senate Republican Rural Caucus strongly oppose forced school consolidation, and we will oppose any effort to do so in the Oklahoma State Senate, stated Sen. Owen Laughlin, R-Woodward.

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; Family joins Legislators at Capitol to Support Senate Bill 1037

The family of Caitlin Wooten stood beside State Senator Susan Paddack at the Capitol today to show their support for Senate Bill 1037. Paddack, an Ada Democrat, said Caitlins Law, seeks to protect Oklahoma families and communities from senseless acts of violence.

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The audio from the press conference features Sen. Susan Paddack, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, Caitlin Wooten’s mother, Donna Wooten, grandmother Joann Hood, Sen. President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan and others.
Senate Bill 1030 aimed at building an 800 MHZ Statewide
Emergency Communication System

Five years ago, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Matthew S. Evans and Oklahoma City Police Officer Jeff Rominger were killed after their cars collided during a police pursuit. Today, State Senator Kenneth Corn has filed legislation to equip Oklahoma with an 800 MHZ statewide emergency communication system to prevent this type of tragedy from striking again.
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Sen. Corn speaks at press conference on bill for communications system.

Members of the legislature, the public and medical professionals will participate in the first-ever joint meeting of the Oklahoma Women’s Legislative Caucus and the Oklahoma Cancer Caucus. State Sen. Debbe Leftwich, who serves as co-chair of each group, said the agenda for the Thursday afternoon meeting would include information on a new vaccine for cervical cancer.
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Sen. Leftwich says joint caucuses meeting will focus on cervical cancer vaccine.

State Sen. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, called on Giovanni Perry, an appointee of Gov. Brad Henry, to resign from her advisory post for comparing supporters of immigration reform to Nazis. Perry, a Norman immigration lawyer, is a member of the Governor's Advisory Council on Latin American and Hispanic Affairs.

“It is outrageous for an advisor to the Governor of Oklahoma to compare honorable citizens of this great state who oppose illegal immigration to Nazis,” Brogdon stated. “Gov. Henry should immediately call for her resignation from his advisory panel.”

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Sen. Brogdon calls on Henry Appointee to resign for statement.