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Senate Leader Comments on GM Plant Closing

General Motors decision to close its plant in southeast Oklahoma City is in no way a reflection on the business climate in our state or the outstanding workforce at the plant. Over the last 30 years, Oklahoma has provided millions of dollars in tax incentives to entice General Motors to locate here, encourage the company to retool its plant and then to rebuild it when a tornado struck the facility in 2003.

The result is that Oklahoma City is home to one of the most modern auto assembly plants and some of best-trained automakers in the country.

I am very hopeful that when the national economy improves that General Motors, or another auto maker, will jump at the chance to put hard working Oklahomans back on the job manufacturing cars.

Until that day, however, I will be working with Governor Henry to make certain that the displaced employees of the GM plant will have every opportunity to take full advantage of the job placement and retraining programs offered by the state.

Oklahomas only priority in this matter should be to help the workers find new jobs and new opportunities here in Oklahoma. Fortunately, we have created a pro-business environment that has the ability to do just that.

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