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New Law Creates Oversize/Overweight Annual Permit for Truckers

Sen. Bryce Marlatt Sen. Bryce Marlatt

Beginning November 1, trucking companies will finally be able to purchase oversize and/or overweight annual vehicle permits to replace the current permits which have to be requested with each delivery. The new annual permit was created by House Bill 2054, which was recently approved by the Governor. Sen. Bryce Marlatt is the Senate principal author of the measure.

“Our state has needed these permits for some time now because our current permitting system isn’t working. Currently, companies are having to call and request a permit for every delivery, and our state permitting offices simply can’t keep up with the demand,” said Marlatt, R-Woodward. “Having an annual permit will help our companies save time and money, which will ultimately benefit their customers through cost-savings.”

The Department of Public Safety will only be able to issue the annual vehicle permits for the movement of oversize or overweight loads that cannot be reasonably dismantled. The loads cannot exceed twelve feet in width, fourteen feet in height, 110 feet in length or 120,000 pounds. Loads exceeding these limits will still require individual load permits.

Other states like Texas and Louisiana currently offer annual permits. Oklahoma’s annual permit will be modeled after Texas’, which costs $4,000 a year. The permit will be nonrefundable and will not be replaced if lost, misplaced, damaged or destroyed.

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