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Bill to encourage water reuse advances to governor

Sen. Rob Standrigde Sen. Rob Standrigde

After advancing through both houses of the Legislature today, a proposal that will enable water districts and municipalities to more efficiently undertake water reuse projects will move to the desk of the governor. Sen. Rob Standridge, author of Senate Bill 1187, said reuse should be an important part of the state’s long term vision for water.

The bill establishes policy to facilitate reuse projects, including permitting requirements.

“In most cases, water reuse is more affordable than the construction of new pipelines or a reservoir, and the technology has proven to be safe, effective and reliable,” said Standridge, R-Norman. “For a number of growing municipalities, reuse may be the best option to expand the supply of drinking water. This legislation will support and enable water districts and municipalities to move ahead with water reuse projects.”

Under the measure, the Department of Environmental Quality will be required to issue approval or disapproval of water reuse project applications.

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