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Tulsair Attorney Fails To Deliver Documents As Promised, Committee May Be Forced To Carry Through With Subpoenas

The attorney for Tulsair has failed to deliver documents to a special legislative committee as promised today, leading the panel co-chairs to prepare to move forward with subpoenas to obtain the information. Michael Freeman, a former State Republican Party chairman, represents Tom Clark, owner of Tulsair.

"Unfortunately because of Mr. Freeman's uncooperative behavior, we may have no other choice but to subpoena the Tulsair documents. I believe Tom Clark wants to cooperate with this committee, but his attorney seems to be operating out of a different play book. I can't understand why he's dragging his feet on this issue," said Senator Billy Mickle, committee co-chair.

In a recent meeting of the Joint Committee on State Aircraft, Michael Freeman promised he would deliver Tulsair documents to the panel on Wednesday, April 9th. Today, Freeman told the committee special counsel he wasn't ready to deliver the documents and first wanted to know when other witnesses' testimony before the committee would be complete.

"I don't think when other witnesses might testify is relevant to the promised delivery of the Tulsair documents. Mr. Freeman has had more than sufficient time to produce the information requested by this committee. He promised he would deliver them and now he's gone back on his word. That kind of behavior doesn't leave us with many options, short of serving subpoenas," said Senator Herb Rozell, a member of the committee.

"We've bent over backward to make this process as painless as possible for Tulsair, but Mr. Freeman seems determined to drag his feet on even the most simple of requests. It may get him a few headlines but I don't think it's in the best interest of Tom Clark," added Senator Mickle.

The committee originally voted to obtain the Tulsair documents by subpoena, but agreed to postpone their issuance when Clark agreed to provide them voluntarily. Freeman has yet to comply with the agreement.

"We'll get the information one way or another. I think it would be simpler for everyone involved if Mr. Freeman would just comply with his client's wishes and deliver the documents as promised," said Senator Rozell.

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