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Statement from Senator Cal Hobson, Senate Author of the Tobacco Tax Legislation

“If you care about quality healthcare in Oklahoma then you can be sure the tobacco tax approved by voters in last year’s election is successfully lowering the number of smokers in our state and providing millions of new dollars to help small business owners provide health insurance for working families throughout Oklahoma.

“For those that care only about selling more cigarettes which will lead to an unhealthy Oklahoma, then I guess you could say the tobacco tax is indeed flawed and is hurting the deeply lined pockets of big tobacco.

“Despite the millions of dollars big tobacco poured into the campaign to defeat the tobacco tax initiative last November, Oklahoma voters were smart enough to stand in defense of a healthy Oklahoma.

“The hearing in the House today shows us without a doubt that big tobacco is back in Oklahoma, willing to do whatever it takes to make a profit at the expense of the health and well being of Oklahomans.”

Editors Note: Senator Hobson’s comments are in response to a hearing today in the House of Representatives on the tobacco tax legislation.

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