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Senator Morgan, Representative Ingmire Invite Stillwater Reverend To Serve As Legislature's Pastor Of The Week

At the request of Senator Mike Morgan and Representative Terry Ingmire, Reverend Tom Moll is performing what some might believe is a difficult task. He's saying grace over the Oklahoma Legislature this week as the official "Pastor of the Week" for the State Senate.

Reverend Moll is pastor at the Sunnybrook Christian Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Stillwater.

"Reverend Moll has done a wonderful job in our community and we thought he could bring that same dedication and faith to the State Capitol. I think he's been a great inspiration to our Senators," said Senator Morgan.

During each week of the four-month legislative session, a different religious leader is chosen from across the state to serve as pastor of the week. In addition to offering spiritual guidance to legislators, the pastor is required to give the prayer before each daily legislative session begins.

Reverend Moll began serving as the Senate's pastor of the week since Monday.

"I think Reverend Moll has been a great assistance to legislators this week. He's really been an inspiration," said Representative Ingmire.

Because only a handful are selected from across the state each legislative session, choosing the pastor of the week is usually an honor reserved for veteran legislators.

"This is really a great honor, not just for Representative Ingmire and me, but for the community of Stillwater. I hope that Reverend Moll is just one in a long line of Stillwater pastors asked to serve at the Capitol. Eventually, I'd like all our pastors to have an opportunity to serve because I think they have a lot to offer to legislators," said Senator Morgan.

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