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Senate Dems’ Opposition to Elimination of Death Tax Shows They Are Out of Touch

Senator Glenn Coffee Senator Glenn Coffee

Opposition by Senate Democrats to GOP proposals to eliminate the state’s death tax proves how out of touch the Senate’s century-old majority is with the people of Oklahoma.

Coffee said Senate Republicans plan to push for the elimination of the death tax during the 2006 legislative session. House Republicans announced similar plans today.

“The Senate Democrats’ knee-jerk reaction in opposition to eliminating the death tax shows how out of touch their party is with the people of Oklahoma,” stated Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City.

“By saying ‘no’ to eliminating the death tax, Senate Democrats are saying ‘no’ to Oklahoma’s family farmers and ranchers, they’re saying ‘no’ to family-owned small businesses, and they’re saying ‘no’ to retirees. The Senate Democrats might as well put up a sign at the border saying ‘keep out, we don’t want you here if you own a farm or a small business or want to retire in Oklahoma,’ because that is the message they are sending today,” Coffee said.

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