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Committee approves bill to protect children from lewd or obscene acts or materials in public

OKLAHOMA CITY – Legislation was approved Thursday to prohibit municipalities from allowing or permitting public events that minors can attend like parades, shows or concerts that feature lewd acts or obscene material. The Senate General Government Committee passed Sen. David Bullard’s Senate Bill 503, which would make such displays a felony, subject to civil action by the witnesses.

“While there are many mentions of lewd acts in state statute, there is nothing specifically preventing such behavior in public places open to the general public where minors are attending,” said Bullard, R-Durant. “If people want to pay to see a show, play or some other event with obscene material, that is their right but families attending free public events, like parades, should not be subjected to lewd or sexually explicit acts.”

SB 503 defines lewd behavior as any sexual behavior imitating sex or sexual acts, groping, indecent exposure of genitalia or sexual paraphernalia, display of replicas of genitalia, sexually touching oneself or someone else, or convincing or forcing someone else to sexually touch or observe sexual behavior. The bill further defines a public place as one that the general public may freely access and take part in any event or activity without payment.

The bill will now move on to the full Senate for additional consideration.


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