Sen. Nathan Dahm’s Press Releases

Showing: September, 2019
Op-Ed: Anti-Red Flag Law

In the midst of a new wave of constitutionally illiterate politicians trying to erase the Bill of Rights, the time is now for conservatives across the country to embrace a bolder, stronger strategy to defending the Second Amendment.
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OKLAHOMA CITY- Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, announced Tuesday he had filed Senate Bill 1081 to push back against any proposed red flag laws coming from the federal government. The bill, titled the Anti-Red Flag Act, would preempt all current or future proposed red flag laws coming from Washington D.C. and make them null, void, and of no effect in the State of Oklahoma.

The bill also would prohibit any state or local entities from accepting federal funds to try and entice state agencies into implementing infringements on Oklahoma citizens Constitutional rights.

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