Graphics & Other Senate Info

Ever wonder where exactly your tax dollars go? Check out this week's #OKSenateGOP Infographic to see how our tax dollars are used to provide essential services for Oklahomans!

Check out the firefighters retirement fund that has grown over the past 8 years due to republican reforms!

Many people believe that the appropriated budget (dollars distributed by the legislature) are the only funds used to operate our state agencies. However, you'll see in this graphic that many agencies receive funding from several sources.

Senate Republicans have made a concentrated effort to take care of our retired teachers and make sure their retirement system is correctly funded

Republicans have made it a top priority over the past 8 years to correctly fund State Retirement Systems. #OKPensionReform

Check out the graphic to find out more info on the Oklahoma Retirement Systems and how they have improved in recent years! #RepublicanReforms #OKSenateGOP #OKPensions

Check out this week's #AgencyBudgetBreakdowngraphic to better understand the state of our common education funding and to get answers to commonly asked questions!

A lot of questions being asked about SB 441, AKA: “The 5-Day School Week Bill”. Check out this graphic for answers of the most common questions.

"Constitutional Carry Bill" has passed out of Committee. What does this bill actually do? Check out the graphic for answers to the most common questions!

Bill filing deadline has passed and the Senate has proposed over 1,000 pieces of legislation. Check out the graphic to find out what topics have been most focused on!

This week's Budget Breakdown highlights the Health Care Authority's annual budget. Did you know the Health Care Authority is the second highest appropriated agency in our state? Second only to the Department of Education.

This #FridayGraphic is the first of our latest Infographic series called “Budget Breakdown. This week we focus on the Department of Education budget. Check out the graphic for more information.

Legislation deadline is fast approaching. Here’s a quick look at what topics are being most focused on so far by OK Senators and their legislation.

Did you know that 12 state agencies receive 92.72% of the state’s appropriated budget? Check out our #FridayGraphic to learn more about these top appropriated agencies!

Oklahoma Fosters does amazing work supporting Oklahoma children who are in need of temporary or permanent families. Check out the graphics to see how you can help support #OKFosters.

Did you know the OK Senate has a Charitable Campaign each year? Check out this week’s graphic to learn more!