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Thanksgiving statement from Sen. George Young

The following is a statement from Dr. George E. Young, Sr., Chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus.

In the season of Thankfulness, it is incumbent upon us to realize the importance of taking this season out of a calendar event and make it a life event. We stand at a point in time when we who have been entrusted with the confidence of the masses to stand for ideas and the spirit of helping all to have a ready list of blessings that far exceed the many situations of doubt that arise from the actions of those who are unable to be thankful. I am optimistic about our ability to overcome our differences and enhance our points of agreement to make this season of thankfulness a constant period of more than observance, but of concrete actions of thankfulness.

We forget that the first Thanksgiving was a show of trust that was greatly misused as time moved forward. Let’s bring back the spirit of that great event.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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