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Taylor Responds to Keating Comments on Texas Plan

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor
Senate President Pro Tempore

"I had hoped that Governor Keating would take a more open-minded approach to the Texas Plan instead of injecting partisan politics into the debate. That's one of the main problems with this building. Elected officials tend to criticize ideas, not because they don't like them, but because they were generated by someone from a different political party. I think we should ignore party labels and have an open and honest debate about the Texas Plan."

"Governor Keating has often told the story about his friend former Texas Gov. George Bush and his assessment of Oklahoma's economic shortcomings. According to the Keating, Gov. Bush said Texas would beat Oklahoma every time because 'Oklahoma taxes everything.' What better way to address that problem than by adopting the Texas tax code?"

"This is a serious proposal and I hope that Governor Keating will give it the serious consideration it deserves. That's the least he can do for the citizens of Oklahoma."

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