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Taylor Comments on Need for Retirement Vote

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor,
Senate President Pro Tempore

"In order for Governor Keating's budget plan to balance, whether it is his original proposal or his revised one, he has to pass his 401(k) state employees/teacher retirement program. It's the linchpin of his budget. The sooner that we vote on the Republican retirement program, the sooner that we will know whether Governor Keating's overall budget plan will work. If it fails, the governor will be back to square one.

"Delaying the vote simply reinforces the suspicion that Governor Keating's budget plan is just an unrealistic, smoke and mirrors proposition. With the conclusion of the session just a month away, we need to be dealing in realities, not creative accounting. The longer that Governor Keating stalls this process, the more likely it is that he and his Republican colleagues could cause a government shutdown."

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