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Taylor Comments on Keating's OHCA Action

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor,
Senate President Pro Tempore

"Unfortunately, what Governor Keating has done today will do nothing to stop program cuts at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Simply advancing next month's appropriation does not give the OHCA the legal authority to overspend its budget. The OHCA has confirmed that fact. It will still have to make cuts and those children and vulnerable Oklahomans that Governor Keating says he wants to defend will still suffer.

"The only way Governor Keating can prevent health care cuts is by showing some leadership and getting the legislative Republicans to support the supplemental appropriation bill that contained emergency funding for the OHCA. Hiding behind the phony argument that the bill is
unconstitutional is just a cop out. There is no doubt that the legislation is constitutional, and the Governor and legislative Republicans have affirmed that fact year after year by voting for multiple appropriation supplemental bills."

"Governor Keating's latest announcement is just a publicity stunt that will provide no real help, other than allowing him to avoid his leadership responsibilities. Every Democrat in the Legislature has voted to provide additional funds to the OHCA. Only one Republican has. Governor Keating should get involved in the process, talk to GOP members and convince them to support the supplemental bill.

"He should try leading instead of grandstanding for a change."

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