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Tag Fee Reduction Legislation Clears Senate Committee

Legislation that would drastically reduce the fees Oklahoma motorists pay for their annual car tags has cleared Senate Committee and is headed to the full Senate for consideration.

The Senate Finance Committee approved two tag reduction bills Tuesday, HB 2663 by Senator Jim Maddox and Representative Ron Kirby and HB 2189 by Senate President Pro Tempore Stratton Taylor and House Speaker Loyd Benson. The latter measure is a "shell" bill that may ultimately be used as a vehicle for compromise tag legislation.

"Just in case we can't reach consensus on the first tag bill, we want to have a second measure in reserve that can carry a compromise tag reduction proposal. Make no mistake about it, we will pass legislation that delivers tag relief to Oklahoma motorists this year," said Senator Taylor.

HB 2663 would junk Oklahoma's current tag system, switching to a flat annual rate ranging from $15 to $85 depending on the age of the vehicle. Currently, annual license plate charges are based on a percentage of a vehicle's value and consequently can cost several hundred dollars.

"Instead of dipping into their life savings just to buy a license plate, we're trying to make it possible for Oklahomans to get a tag at an affordable price," said Senator Taylor.

The next stop for the two tag bill is the full Senate.

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