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Sykes concludes legislative career with passage of Marsy’s Law

Sen. Anthony Sykes Sen. Anthony Sykes

Tuesday Oklahoma voters went to the polls and approved State Question 794, also known as Marsy’s Law. SQ 794 passed with 78 percent approval and was the only state question approved by Oklahoma voters. Marsy’s Law places greater protection and rights for victims of crime into Oklahoma’s constitution. State Question 794 was authored by State Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, and was the fourth constitutional amendment by Sykes that Oklahoma voters have approved. Previous state questions include:

SQ 751 making English the Official Language of Oklahoma (76%)
SQ 755 banning sharia law in Oklahoma (70%)
SQ 776 placing the Death Penalty in Oklahoma’s Constitution (66%)

“Marsy’s law will ensure that victims of crime are not victimized again by the judicial process. I am pleased that Oklahoma voters gave SQ 794 such overwhelming approval,” Sykes said. “As I conclude my legislative career, I wish to express my appreciation to my fellow Oklahomans for their support of SQ 794 and other questions I have submitted for their consideration.”

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