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Sweeden Continues Fight to Expand “Make My Day” Law

Sen. Joe Sweeden Sen. Joe Sweeden

Sen. Joe Sweeden this week said he would continue fighting for expansion of the state’s “Make My Day” legislation, as his proposal to expand the rights of business owners to defend their property advances to the state House.

Sweeden said Senate Bill 2257 would make it lawful for business owners to use force against any person who unlawfully interferes with real or personal property in the owner’s lawful possession, or in defense of a physical threat.

“This legislation extends some of the protections already given to Oklahomans under the “Make My Day” legislation originally approved in the late 1980s,” said Sweeden, D-Pawhuska. “I believe people ought to be able to defend themselves from intruders not only in their home but in their businesses as well. It’s important that people have the law on their side should they need to use force to protect themselves, their employees and their property.”

The legislation extends protections of the “Make My Day” law to places of business, whether owned or leased. Immunity from criminal prosecution would be assured if the use of force is justified, according to standard law enforcement procedures for investigating the use of force.

“I’m continuing to fight for passage of this bill as it advances to the House,” Sweeden said. “It’s absolutely imperative that we give our citizens the right and the option to defend themselves from violent threats.”

Senate Bill 2257 has been assigned to the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security.

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