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Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor, President Pro Tempore: Senator Taylor Comments on Keating Veto Threat


"If Governor Keating vetoes the bill, he'll be vetoing a tax cut. Just ask the Senate Republicans who voted for the bill. They supported it because it's going to deliver significant relief to thousands of Oklahoma motorists. It looks like Governor Keating is out of step with his own party and his own rhetoric.

"Like I've said before, this is all about ego and pride of ownership. Governor Keating and House Republicans are upset because HB 1734 wasn't their idea. I'd hate to see us squander a golden opportunity to save Oklahoma motorists money just because some politicians are worried about who will get credit for it."

"I would urge Governor Keating to put aside his partisan concerns and do the right thing for the people of Oklahoma. I'll make sure he gets more than his share of credit. I would think he'd rather be remembered as the Governor who helped cut car tags, not the one who blocked it."


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