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Statement from Senate President Pro-Tem Brian Bingman on Supreme Court Decision regarding Senate redistricting plan

The Supreme Court has entered an order finding the Senate Redistricting Act complies with Article 5 Section 9A of the Constitution.

“I am pleased by the Supreme Court’s decision today confirming what we have said all along: the State Senate’s bipartisan redistricting act is constitutional. Given the amount of time, hard work and collaboration that went into creating these new districts, we had no doubt as to their constitutionality.

"It is now time for the Senate to put this matter behind us and move forward together as we make preparations for the 2012 legislative session.

"Once again, I would like to commend the hard work of the Senate Redistricting Committee, which put together the plan this session along with our knowledgeable Senate staff. It was not an easy task, but they traveled around the state gathering input from the public and also worked with their colleagues in the Senate to create an appropriate plan for the citizens of Oklahoma.”

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Sen. Bingman: (405) 521-5605