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Statement from Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Kenneth Corn

Senator Kenneth Corn Senator Kenneth Corn

"Senator Bob Kerr was probably one of the most courageous men I've ever served with in the Oklahoma Legislature. If there was ever a person who came to the State Senate to do the right thing and was there for the right reasons it was Bob Kerr. He stood up for southwest Oklahoma. He wanted so much for that part of the state to grow and for its people to have opportunities and for Oklahoma overall to have a brighter future. The legacy he leaves behind for every lawmaker that follows - it'll be very tough to meet. He's certainly a role model for us all. Senator Kerr stood as a champion for rural Oklahoma and agriculture. I think if anyone is an example of what Oklahoma values are, it's Bob Kerr because he stood for those values in the Oklahoma State Senate and he stood up for families …I think that is a tremendous legacy that he leaves."

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