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Statement from Sen. John Sparks on passage of ‘hard cap’ tort reform bill

“The approval of this legislation sends a clear message to the people of our state: Oklahoma Republicans do not trust you to be fair and make good decisions in the jury box.

“It is no surprise independently-minded Oklahomans affiliated with the Tea Party movement are also up in arms about this measure. The bill is an affront both to personal liberty and to principles of limited, local governance. This legislation would take from the people the power to determine fairness under the law, in order to mitigate risk and limit accountability for the businesses and people who put Republicans in power.

“Rather than placing their trust in the men and women of Oklahoma, Republicans in the state Legislature have determined they will side with those who don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. I believe Oklahomans are more than capable of understanding issues and acting fairly as members of a jury. It is fundamentally unjust for the Republican-controlled Legislature, far removed from the difficult realities and facts associated with civil cases, to conclude they are better equipped to determine justice.”

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Sen. Sparks: (405) 521-5553