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Statement from Sen. Jay Paul Gumm on Blue Cross and Blue Shield Announcement

Sen. Jay Paul Gumm Sen. Jay Paul Gumm

“The announcement today by Blue Cross and Blue Shield is yet another clear and convincing piece of evidence that Nick’s Law should become Oklahoma’s law.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield says they have developed a benefit that ‘doesn’t unduly create a price impact’. That statement corresponds with the actuarial study we provided that shows we can help autistic children for mere pennies a day.

While a step in the right direction today’s announcement is only a small piece of the puzzle. We do not know caps on the benefit; we do not know precisely what therapies are covered; we do know thousands of Oklahoma families will remain uncovered; we do know it will be more than a year before this benefit becomes a reality. While I commend their effort this appears to be an attempt to put the pin back in the grenade and forestall consideration of Nick’s law in 2009.

All Oklahoma families deserve autism coverage and they are waiting for their government to stand up for them. We in Oklahoma cherish our children and this fight for them does not end with this attempt to relieve political and market pressures.”

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