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Statement from Sen. Frank Simpson on Syrian refugees

“We Americans have a history of being compassionate and caring people. We have always opened our hearts and extended a helping hand to those who sought a better life.  But times have changed.  No longer can we assume that everyone who chooses to come here is looking for a better life.  Unfortunately some come, not to find a better life, but to destroy our way of life. 

The President, who seems tempted to vilify anyone who disagrees with him, has accused us of being afraid of three year-old orphans.  How ridiculous.  With the words of the Apostle Paul we, who call ourselves Christians, are mandated to care for widows and orphans.  Send us the widows and send us the orphans and we will care for them.  But we must not put political correctness ahead of our national security.  This is an emotional issue but any decision must be based on commonsense not emotion.

The FBI and Homeland Security have both told Congress there is no effective way to check the background of the Syrian refugees. Until we can be reasonably sure that we are not allowing terrorists to enter our country, we must limit entry.  To not do so could mean we are literally committing suicide.” 

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