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Statement by Sen. David Holt regarding American Indian Cultural Center and Museum

Sen. David Holt Sen. David Holt

Sen. David Holt, R-Oklahoma City, released the following statement today regarding the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

“Some years ago, in its infinite wisdom, the State began a project in Oklahoma City, my community, our capital city, where two interstates intersect. That project is the American Indian Cultural Center & Museum. After four years of difficult negotiation and compromise, the Senate passed an extremely reasonable solution to the challenge of completing that project. That solution included $40 million in non-State donations and no tax dollars. Now, despite that, it appears there will not be a resolution this session.

“If this result is allowed to stand, I believe it would be appropriate for the people of Oklahoma to question our competency. No one should beat their chests over a perceived victory. The State still has an $80 million problem on the Oklahoma River, in our capital city, at the most prominent location in my community.

“Hope springs eternal, or at least until Sine Die, but if this result stands, it will haunt my community for years, and it should haunt the legacy of those in this building who could have done something about it.”

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Sen. Holt: (405) 521-5636