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Statement from Majority Floor Leader Todd Lamb on Success of Veto Override

Sen. Todd Lamb Sen. Todd Lamb

“Republicans have championed the sanctity of life for decades, and today we once again saw our efforts come to fruition with bipartisan support behind these critical measures. My fellow colleagues in the Senate and House chose to uphold Oklahoma values and overwhelming override the Governor’s veto.

“As a former Secret Service agent, I had a calling to protect people and their rights. Our pro-life legislation protects not only the unborn child, but the mother as well, allowing her to have informed consent prior to an abortion.

“Additionally, it is imperative to note that we authored several pro-life bills this session in response to a court’s ruling we violated the single-subject rule. We have respected and adhered to the court’s judgment, placing each pro-life subject in a single bill. Those who consistently oppose our measures need to look at the bold and positive stand the Senate made today, as well as our commitment to acting on behalf of Oklahomans in a fair and efficient manner.”

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