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Statement From Majority Floor Leader Todd Lamb on Passage of Federal Health Care Legislation

Sen. Todd Lamb Sen. Todd Lamb

“Proponents of Obamacare have mentioned the historic nature of its passage. This indeed is historic. Our federal government has assumed a role it was never meant to possess.

“Bigger government and mandated health care will now put unnecessary burdens on Oklahoma families, small businesses and especially our senior citizens. Tax increases necessary to fund this so-called ‘reform’ will strap families across our state and nation, making economic and job growth more difficult. Billions of dollars will be cut from Medicare, raising premiums yet cutting benefits for seniors.

“At a time when our focus should be on stabilizing the economy and creating jobs, the federal government has chosen to interfere and suffocate our liberties and the American dream.”

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Sen. Lamb: 405-521-5632