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Statement From Democratic Leader Charlie Laster on Senate Republican Agenda

Sen. Charlie Laster Sen. Charlie Laster

“Senate Republicans did a great job of ignoring the huge elephant in the room today. They refused to talk about what they are going to do to get us out of this billion dollar budget hole.

“They spent their morning talking about all the proposals they will push that curry favor with Corporate America through giveaways to giant corporations and less regulation.

“Need I remind Senate Republicans that a loosely regulated corporate America is what created the financial nightmare that resulted in a taxpayer bailout of companies who spent that money on million dollar bonuses for their CEOs.

“I am really not shocked that Senate Republicans clearly haven’t learned a thing from their pals in Washington D.C. whose failed economic policies led us into the largest recession since the depression.

“They proved one thing and one thing only today: they will remain loyal to Corporate America and the rich donors who contribute to their campaigns, while leaving hard-working Oklahoma families out in the cold.”

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