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State Senator Randy Brogdon Calls on Henry Appointee to Resign for Comparing Illegal Immigration Opponents to ‘Nazis’

Senator Randy Brogdon Senator Randy Brogdon
Sen. Brogdon calls on Henry Appointee to resign for statement.

State Sen. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, called on Giovanni Perry, an appointee of Gov. Brad Henry, to resign from her advisory post for comparing supporters of immigration reform to Nazis. Perry, a Norman immigration lawyer, is a member of the Governor's Advisory Council on Latin American and Hispanic Affairs.

“It is outrageous for an advisor to the Governor of Oklahoma to compare honorable citizens of this great state who oppose illegal immigration to Nazis,” Brogdon stated. “Gov. Henry should immediately call for her resignation from his advisory panel.”

According to news reports published this week, Perry made the following statement about opponents of illegal immigration: “It sounds like they're scared of change. It sounds like Nazi talk.”

Brogdon stated, “No reasonable person can say America does not have illegal immigrants flooding across our border. It is time for America to crack down on this crisis. America welcomes immigrants, but we want immigrants to follow the law and come here legally.”

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