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State Senate Approves $2,000 Pay Raise for State Employees

The Oklahoma State Senate has approved a $2,000 pay raise for state employees. SB 959 passed on a unanimous 46-0 vote Wednesday afternoon. The legislation is expected to be approved by the House on Thursday and will then go to the Governor for his signature.

"There's no question that state employees are underpaid and deserve a pay raise. These are the people who look after our veterans, take care of our elderly and watch over our most dangerous inmates. They perform an invaluable service and should be adequately compensated for the work they do," said Senator Stratton Taylor, President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate.

The $2,000 pay raise will go to all state employees including assistant district attorneys, state troopers, OSBI agents, county health department employees and county election board secretaries.

The $2,000 raise will cost the state approximately $51 million a year.

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