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State Capitol Hosts Newly Discovered Recycleosaurus

OKLAHOMA CITY - Visitors at the State Capitol can get a glimpse of a newly discovered Oklahoma dinosaur; the "Recycleosaurus."

"So far we only know of one Recycleosaurus, but we're hoping several more will soon be discovered by Oklahoma school children," said Senator Cal Hobson.

Recycleosaurus was discovered when some volunteers got together one evening after work and used some discarded packing styrofoam, wood and glue to show how a recycling project can tie in science and art.

"I think this would be a wonderful project for Oklahoma school children. And it is a great opportunity to remind everyone in our state that a year from this spring, they'll be able to see some really huge dinosaurs," said Senator Hobson, the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee on education.

"That's when the new Sam Noble Museum of Natural History will open its doors. Among the exhibits will be the longest Apatosaurus ever discovered, and it was found in Oklahoma's panhandle," noted Hobson.

The museum, which will be the largest university-based natural history museum in the United States, was made possible through the combined efforts of the citizens of Norman, Oklahoma voters who approved a higher education bond issue, and private donations.

"Of course there will be many outstanding exhibits besides paleontology, but I'd guess that's the one that will capture the attention of most school children. In the meantime, we invite them to visit our Recycleosaurus on the third floor of the Capitol, or better yet, create one of their own," said Senator Hobson.

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