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As state begins to eye re-opening of economy, Sen. Standridge urges leaders to put ‘Oklahoma First!’

For the past several years, State Sen. Rob Standridge has been urging both the public and private sectors to put “Oklahoma First!” to better promote and support Oklahoma businesses, services and products. As the president and governor look toward opening the economy back up, Standridge is renewing that call.

“This has been a priority for me as a Senator—every year, millions of dollars in contracts go to out-of-state companies, when there are many perfectly qualified businesses right here in Oklahoma,” said Standridge, R-Norman.  “It’s a simple concept but one that is going to be even more important as Oklahoma begins the journey back to economic recovery. I’m calling on every leader in state government, including our agency heads, whenever possible, let’s put Oklahoma First by contracting with Oklahoma-based companies.”

Standridge said moving forward, he would urge policymakers to look at how tax credits or other incentives could refocus on Oklahoma businesses.

“Although I have never been a big fan of most state incentives such as tax credits, there is no doubt that Oklahoma taxpayers have generously spent billions of dollars incentivizing companies, many of which were out-of-state. Considering these extraordinary times, and the potentially long road we have to economic recovery, I believe we should consider redirecting our incentives to Oklahoma companies that choose to bring lost manufacturing capability back to our nation and our state,” Standridge said.  “I will help in this effort any way that I can because I believe Oklahoma can lead the reindustrialization of America, located in the heart of our nation, to bring manufacturing back home from Asia and around the world.”

Standridge said individual Oklahomans could further assist the effort by looking for and purchasing Made in Oklahoma products and services.

“All Oklahomans are in this together, whether you own a company or work for a company, so the best pathway to success will be for all Oklahomans, public and private sectors, to come together and come out of this as Oklahomans always do, with positive spirits, a willingness to help our neighbors and a drive that will help us achieve any goal we set,” Standridge said.

For more information, contact Sen. Rob Standridge at 405-521-5535 or email

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