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Snyder Charges Senate Democratic Leaders With "Selective Democracy ", Urges Floor Vote on Right-To-Work

In light of indications that there are enough votes in the state Senate to bring the right-to-work question to a statewide vote, Senate Republican Leader Mark Snyder (R-Edmond) called on Senate President Pro Tempore Stratton Taylor (D-Claremore) to allow a Senate floor vote on the matter.

Snyder pointed to the State Chamber's announcement that 25 state Senators - 15 Republicans and 10 Democrats - already have pledged that they would vote for the measure, thus ensuring enough votes for Senate passage.

"If Senator Taylor does not believe the Democratic votes are there, I encourage him to call our bluff," Snyder said.

"With at least 10 Senate Democrats apparently willing to support the issue, it is abundantly clear that right-to-work transcends traditional partisan differences."

Snyder said it would be a shame for Senator Taylor "to go down in history as an anti-democracy Democrat."

Senator Snyder noted that the possibility of a statewide vote on right-to-work has won overwhelming support from the state's chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, businesses and newspapers.

"Evidently, Senator Taylor and some of his fellow Democrats are so eager to curry favor with labor union bosses, they are willing to practice selective democracy," Snyder said.

"I urge Senator Taylor to reject this notion tat sometimes you can't trust the people enough to let them have their say."

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