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Simpson receives OKA Award for his work to protect Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer

OKLAHOMA CITY – At their annual meeting, held in Tishomingo on October 13, the Citizens for the Protection of the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer (CPASA) recognized State Senator Frank Simpson for his work in the legislature to protect the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer.  Simpson received the OKA Award along with Senators Brian Bingman and Josh Brecheen and Representative Todd Thomson.  

The OKA award is presented to individuals whose work has helped preserve the Arbuckle Simpson.  All four legislators were instrumental in the creation and passage of legislation that will help protect the long term sustainability of the Arbuckle Simpson.

“It is an honor to receive this award, but the real heroes are the members of CPASA who work diligently to protect the Arbuckle Simpson,” said Simpson, R-Ardmore.  “We should be recognizing you for the work you do.  You are helping to protect one of the most important natural resources in our state.”

The Arbuckle Simpson has been identified by the EPA as a sole source aquifer.  Being a sole source aquifer means the municipalities in southern Oklahoma are totally dependent on the Arbuckle Simpson as their only source of water.  

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Sen. Simpson: (405) 521-5607