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Simpson, Hardin urge citizens to report storm damage to FEMA

Sen. Frank Simpson and Rep. Tommy Hardin are urging anyone who suffered damage to homes, businesses or other personal property as a result of the storms and flooding from May 5 to June 4, as well as the most recent round of heavy rains and flooding that began last week, to file a report with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as soon as possible.  

“We need everyone who had damage in May and June to please call FEMA and report it so that those who are eligible will be able to get the help they need to rebuild and recover in the wake of these storms,” said Simpson, R-Stringer.  “As of June 23, only 13 claims had been filed from Love County and 75 from Carter County.  We know there are many more people who were impacted, so wherever you live and whether it was in the first round of storms or the most recent flooding, please call FEMA and report it.”

Simpson represents Senate District 14 which includes Carter, Johnston, Love and Murray Counties.  All four were approved for Public Assistance under the Federal Disaster Declaration of May 26 which covers damages that occurred from May 5 to June 4.  Under the Public Assistance program, funds are available to municipalities, counties and some eligible non-profits to help pay for repairs to roads, bridges and other infrastructure damage, the cost of debris removal, as well as the overtime costs associated with responding to the disaster.  FEMA pays 75 percent, the state and local governments are each responsible for 12.5 percent.  

Under the Individual Assistance program, funds are available for temporary housing and emergency repairs for individuals and businesses as well as low interest disaster loans provided by the Small Business Administration.  So far, of the Oklahoma counties approved for this program, only Johnston County in District 14 has been included.

“There’s a pending request to add  more counties for Individual Assistance, including Carter, Love and Murray Counties, but approval depends on the scope of the damage, so again, individuals and businesses with damage are urged to contract FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA,” Simpson said.  “Registering can help get more counties declared for Individual Assistance.”

Hardin represents House District 49, which includes Carter, Love and Marshall Counties.  He also urged citizens to call and report property damage.

"FEMA is now working in Marshall County and we want to make everyone in southern Oklahoma gets the help they need,” said Hardin, R-Madill.