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Shortey responds to criticisms of Insurance Commissioner

Sen. Ralph Shortey Sen. Ralph Shortey

Sen. Ralph Shortey today issued the following statement in response to criticism of Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak by Oklahoma Senate Democrats.

“I disagree with Senators Burrage and Adelson and the aid they are giving to President Obama in his war on the private healthcare system. As their plans are being discussed, it is important to remember that many Democrats don’t actually want the private health care system to succeed, and so the failures they’ve created in the health insurance market are as much by design as by mistake. The child-only policy is just one example of a Democrat created failure.

“What is happening is that the Democrats are trying to legislate a long list of utopian healthcare mandates that will guarantee the business of insurance cannot be conducted profitably. If they are successful, no one will be capable of operating profitably in the healthcare market, and only the government will be willing to operate in the market at a loss. At that point the Democrats will have finally achieved their decades-long dream of completely socializing healthcare in America.

“Oklahomans reject Obamacare and I’m confident they will likewise reject the attempt of Senators Burrage and Adelson to socialize Oklahoma’s healthcare system. Commissioner Doak has a track record of finding free market solutions to our healthcare problems, and I’m confident he’ll be able to clean up the child-only mess the Democrats have left Oklahoma without the help of any legislation proposed by Senators Burrage and Adelson.”

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