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Senators To Investigate ONG Rate Hike

OKLAHOMA CITY - Recent rate hikes by Oklahoma Natural Gas will soon be the subject of a state Senate investigation, announced Senator Frank Shurden, author of a measure which calls for the investigation.

Shurden, D-Henryetta, said Senate Resolution 2 calls for the investigation to determine if ONG's recent rate hike, which added almost $30 to the average consumers monthly gas bill, was truly justified.

"Thirty dollars a month is a huge increase for the average Oklahoman," he said. "This investigation will show us whether the increase was really necessary and if legislative action should be taken to protect Oklahomans from such large increases in the future."

Shurden said he was pleased by recent announcements that ONG is now seeking a rate cut.

"Even though the proposed cut is smaller than the recent increase, it's a step in the right direction," said Shurden. "Hopefully, it means ONG is responding to the outcry of ratepayers."

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