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Senators Go “Back to School”

Senators across the state will once again be traveling to schools in their districts to personally meet with students, answer questions and share ideas from the students in the public school system. The Senators will also provide the students with a greater understanding of the legislative process through explaining how a bill is drafted and the steps a bill goes through to become law.

America’s Legislators Back To School Week is September 20th through 24th and is sponsored by the National Conference for State Legislators (NCSL). The event is designed to teach young people, who will become Oklahoma’s future voters and leaders, what it is like to be a public servant. Legislators Back to School week will enable students to learn the ins and outs of our representative democracy.

The program was introduced in 1999 by NCSL as a one-day event. That one day was such a great success and so was well-received by legislators and schools that it was turned into a one-week event in 2001. According to an NCSL report in 1972, half of the population of 18 to 24-year-olds voted, but in the 2000 election, only 33 percent participated in the polls. The Legislators Back to School Week emphasizes the importance of involvement and the value of a representative democracy, especially during this time of great uncertainty.

ATTENTION NEWS EDITORS: Attached you will find a list of Senators that are participating in the NCSL Legislators Back to School Week along with their schedules. The media is welcome to attend any of the events; however it is strongly advised that you contact the school prior to attending so that the school administrators will be expecting you and will let you in the building.

For more information regarding the Legislators Back to School Week, please contact Adrianne Covington in the Senate Communications Department at (405) 530-2356.

Among the senators participating in the 2004 NCSL Legislator’s Back to School Week are the following:

Senator - District #
Cliff Aldridge 42
Cliff Branan 40
Bernest Cain 46
Gilmer Capps 26
Harry Coates 28
Glenn Coffee 30
Mary Easley 18
Jay Paul Gumm 06
Sam Helton 31
Mike Johnson 22
Robert Kerr 38
Owen Laughlin 27
Charlie Laster 17
Daisy Lawler 24
Debbe Leftwich 44
Rick Littlefield 01
Jim Maddox 32
Angela Monson 48
David Myers 20
Jim Reynolds 43
Nancy Riley 37
Ben Robinson 09
Kathleen Wilcoxson 45
Penny Williams 33
**If you need to reach a senator’s office to determine their schedule, please call the Senate switchboard at (405) 524-0126.

Contact info
Senate Communications Office - (405) 521-5774