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Senator Tom Ivester issues comments at the end of day two of special session

Senator Tom Ivester, D-Sayre, issued the following comments at the close of the second day of the legislature’s special session to readdress tort reform:

“On the first day of special session, we were on the floor of the Senate for just over eight minutes once roll call was completed—the prayer and announcements lasted longer than any business that was accomplished. Today, we were on the floor for just over five minutes, which included two introductions and two announcements before we were gaveled out. At a cost of $30,000 a day, we’re averaging about $4,600 per minute of work in the Senate.”

“So far, the people of Oklahoma aren’t getting their money’s worth with this special session. I continue to ask why we are spending $30,000 per day to address this one special issue rather than addressing other more time-sensitive issues such as Insure Oklahoma, making sure our prisons are staffed at a safe level, or addressing safety issues in our schools.”

“It’s misplaced priorities, plain and simple. We’re spending $30,000 a day to protect doctors from the people they injure but not to ensure hard working Oklahomans have access to health insurance, properly staff our prisons or protect our children at school from natural disasters.”

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Sen. Ivester: (405) 521-5545