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Senator Taylor Extends Deadline for MITF Task Force, Remains Hopeful that Group will forge Compromise

Statement by Senator Stratton Taylor,
Senate President Pro Tempore

"We have been informed that the special task force on the Multiple Injury Trust Fund was unable to reach a final agreement on compromise legislation by Tuesday's 5:00 p.m. deadline. While the news is disappointing, I remain hopeful that task force members can forge a consensus on this issue if they continue working.

"For that reason, I am giving the task force an additional two days to continue their negotiations. I understand that members have made some progress on the issue and I think they owe it to the injured workers to continue their discussions. I believe it would be a great mistake to disband the task force simply because it didn't have enough time to complete its work. Two more days of negotiations may be all we need to solve this complex problem.

"The new deadline for the MITF task force is 5:00 p.m. Thursday. I remain optimistic that members will be able to produce a compromise piece of legislation that addresses the MITF problems and ensures that disabled workers receive the money that they are owed."

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